Try to Strengthening safety in every community.

Try to Strengthening safety in every community.

SAFETY is not merely about rules or regulations and procedures. It is also about the prevention of diseases or accidents that can kill people or destroy the livelihood of the victims and their family members. The real challenge for our community today is to impress upon everyone the devastating impact of Covid-19 on human lives. Community empowerment is vital in this aspect.

Empowerment is defined as freedom and authority entrusted to members of a community to be proactive to pursue their vision and mission to keep themselves free from accidents, diseases, injuries or deaths. When everyone shares responsibility for safety and health, the community is assured of its best protection.

 In combating Covid-19, no amount of efforts by the health authorities and front-liners can help if the community is not prepared to ensure its own safety.

 For safety to effectively encompass all aspects of life and be reinforced as a shared value, lifestyle and attitude, it is vital to have the involvement and participation of everyone. This can be achieved through community outreach educational programmes jointly organised by the relevant government agencies, professional bodies and non-government organisations.

 Educational programmes should be targeted at the working population and also the elderly, housewives, hawkers, shopkeepers and young children.

 A community that is well informed and educated about safety will value and practise it as a way of life. They will have high expectations of safety standards and low or zero tolerance for anything that poses a hazard to them.

 Safety is for everyone. Let’s work together to get this important message across in our fight against Covid-19 and all other diseases and threats.