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Try to Strengthening safety in every community.

Try to Strengthening safety in every community. SAFETY is not merely about rules or regulations and procedures. It is also about the prevention of diseases or accidents that can kill people or destroy the livelihood of the victims and their family members. The real challenge for our community today is to impress upon everyone the devastating impact of Covid-19 on human lives. Community empowerment is vital in this aspect. Empowerment is defined as freedom and authority entrusted to members of a community to be proactive to pursue their vision and mission to keep themselves free from accidents, diseases, injuries or deaths. When everyone shares responsibility for safety and health, the community is assured of its best protection.  In combating Covid-19,...

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It is time to nurture a common destiny.

It is time to nurture a common destiny. THE ongoing Black Lives Matter protests around the world have continued to fuel debate and introspection in politics, economics, and culture. As a graduate of comparative politics and sociology, the phenomenon is making me revisit the many theories of government, institutional legitimacy, and political philosophy that I read at the London School of Economics. I’ve been asked to expand on the topic. Interestingly, readers have prefixed several presumed qualifiers, identifying me as a co-founder of a think tank championing our first prime minister and promoting market-based solutions, as a member of Malaysia’s ethnic majority who lived overseas as a minority, and as someone from a privileged background and educational experience. It is...

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What happens When guns and racism collide?

What happens When guns and racism collide? There is a lot to learn from the history and conditions that have led to the Black Lives Matter movement and the proposed reforms triggered by the waves of sentiments. A TIRED Yale University student is napping in a common area. A man is standing by an apartment door waiting for a friend to come down. A young girl is selling bottled water in front of her home to raise money to go to Disneyland. A student is picking up trash outside his college dormitory. A lawyer is chilling in a dog park with his pets. A patient on an IV drip is taking a stroll outside the hospital. Three young people are...

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