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Welcome to Sanitizer/Sterilizer by®

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This is a portable Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer/sterilizer which uses a flash of UV light to eliminate 360 degree,No escape corner,virtually all germs and bacteria,be able to remove up to 99.99 of bacteria & germs safety.

Top notch portable gadget

Portable UV sanitizer,sterilizer Lamp

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You can sterilize EVERY small things in it.

LED UV Sterilizing Bag.

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Our branded nano silver Anti bacterial silicon RFID bracelet.Silver has been used for the treatment of medical ailments for over 100 years due to its natural antibacterial & anti-fungal properties.Its will adversely affect cellular metabolism to ...

Antibacterial,Medical care,access control management embedded with RFID chip & QR code silicone bracelet.

Protection from®

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With recent articles on® about the Procreate app for the Apple™  iPad and the best brushes for the app, we started to think that even though the Procreate app is an amazing tool for artists and graphic designers, not everyone likes to use it.

Best Apple™ Pencil Alternatives for Procreate.

Comparable stylus Pen.

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Men & Women Full Waterproof Fake Arm Sleeve Temporary Tattoo Sticker.

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